23 January 2015

VERY pleased to announce a new project in Suffolk, UK
I will be designing and illustrating the new "mascot" of the Woodbridge Tide Mill Living Museum - MILLIE!
more details and lots of merchandise coming soon...

30 October 2014

Wee Watercolors of British Beasts
and other things
just in time for the holidays, all original and all under £50
 nicole@nicoleboitos.com for details

11 October 2014

World Fair by Human Greed OUT NOW

Staggeringly beautiful album to which I contributed drone singing and spoken text. Watch and listen to the video for "Waiting in a Car" HERE

"the songcraft has its roots partly in the 16th century – from where also arises the preoccupation with melancholy and mortality- and there is much to be owed to the second law of thermodynamics, entropy, the singularity and heat death of the observable universe. That is all touched upon lightly, though I was keen to explore the potential for that science to be represented in a devotional mode more associated with faith." - Michael Begg

19 June 2014

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commissioned psychescape, for Clare, a childhood friend
watercolor and micron on Fabriano rag paper, 9 x 12 inches/23 x 31 cm

13 June 2014

 Front and Back covers for new album by Crowhurst
(title and release date not yet known)
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 watercolor on arches hot-press paper, approx 10 x 10 inches

12 January 2014

The Eyes Can See What 
The Mouth Can Not Say

photo by Jacopo Benassi, BTOMIC
interview by Francesca Cattoi, Prada Foundation

documentation from the live painting performance in La Spezia, Italy last February. read the interview & view the entire magazine at:
purchase your own copy HERE

18 October 2013


the new Swans live album, Not Here/Not Now is finally available to purchase:

This is a major blood/sweat/tears project for all those involved. My part in it is detailed below. If you are interested in purchasing one, act FAST - last time they sold out fast.

first, there came a drawing (based on M Gira's explicit instructions) which I then carved into a soft linoleum block. 

second step: painting a white circle on 2,100 cd envelopes

third step: printing the painted enveloped with the lino-cut block, finished off with a signature and edition number. phew. yes, this is how I spent the two weeks after my honeymoon...which, yes, we cut short to meet the deadline.
enjoy a VIDEO of the process HERE

3 July 2013


(our) wedding announcement


thank you Jungle Indie Rock for the recent promotion of my work and Paul's albums! see it HERE  For those of you interested, here is the (nearly) complete progscape which will stretch across all four of his 2013 releases. The first two, "UV" and "Terrania" can be found HERE

21 June 2013

cover for Terrania, the second release in Paul Hayworth's four part space/prog/pop/indie epic. Listen, download and learn more about the album, and my husband Paul, HERE:

31 May 2013

commissioned portrait of Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo

Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo

and a point portrait of Roberto Maria Clemente & Paolo Dellapiana, also of the Italian band Larsen

watercolor on Arches hot press satin paper, 46 x 61 cm

19 May 2013

final colorization of progscape finished...well, almost

final colorization of the first 3/4 of an epic prog landscape for Paul Hayworth's collection of 2013 album releases: the full landscape will stretch across the covers of all 4 albums.
8 x 24 inches, micron and watercolor on Arches hot-press satin paper

15 May 2013

commissioned watercolor portrait in progress: Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo
46 x 61 cm, pencil on Arches hotpressed satin 

6 May 2013

album cover for Paul Hayworth's new release "Ultra Violet", the first in a series of 4
this landscape will extend across the covers of all 4 albums

micron and watercolor on Arches satin hotpress paper, 8 x 8 inches

24 April 2013

cover for upcoming release "Pillar Without Mercy" by Deveykus, on Tzadik
Trombone-driven Hasidic Doom Metal. Really.
preview HERE

16 April 2013

3 parts of a 4 part landscape illustration for upcoming album collection by Paul Hayworth.
8.5 x 24 inches, micron on paper. aquarelle colorization in progress...

19 February 2013

if you are in italy this sunday, it would be wonderful to see you in the audience:

9 February 2013


the first paintings in the new Congregations series are finally finished - 2 more to go for my upcoming exhibition (& live painting performance) at BTOMIC in La Spezia, Italy on February 24th.
oil and ink on hardwood ply
1, 2, 4, 7: 30 x 40 cm
3, 5, 6, 8: 40 x 61 cm

28 January 2013


Work has started on new Congregation series: skies taken from my new East Anglian home will serve as backgrounds for undulating masses of starlings, similar to what the Danish call "Black Suns". The finished works will be exhibited in La Spezia, Italy in late February alongside new & old Masters.
(oil on hardwood ply, 40 x 61 cm)