album covers

Hand printed the covers for Swans: What is This?

Two Hellfire paintings for John 3:16 "Visions of the Hereafter"

 4 paintings created for: JOHN 3:16 - עשר (Alrealon Musique) 2-CD+Digital Compilation 
Release date: March 29, 2018

hand printed 2,600 copies of Swans: The Gate

Insect Ark: Portal/Well - egg diorama creation

Back and Front covers for Crowhurst's "CROWHURST"

4th panel of Progscape completed: 
Paul Hayworth Quadrilogy

for the upcoming debut album from NYC metal band Pants Exploder
watercolor, approx. 9 x 9 inches

album cover for Paul Hayworth's new release "Ultra Violet", the first in a series of 4

this landscape will expand across the covers of the entire collection
micron and watercolor on Arches satin hotpress paper

"Pillar Without Mercy" by Deveykus, releasing June 2013 on Tzadik

in progress: 3 panels of 4 panel landscape for upcoming releases by Paul Hayworth
8.5 x 24 inches, micron on paper - aquarelle colorization coming soon

cover and insert images for Planetary Geartrain's 2013 release SUN

Lamb painting for Human Greed's "Fortress Longing:The Internal Campaign for the Safe and Complete Return of The Sleeping Egyptian to the Desert"
* I also contributed vocals to the track Solar Wind

Bee & Flower: Dust & Sparks/Wounded Walking 7" release on Morning Rise Records

Also for Bee & Flower: 
collaboration with director Josh Graham: all hand drawn elements and animation sequences

The Body Lovers: cover and internal illustrations, charcoal & conte on paper

Jarboe: The Men Album - design and execution of daggar tattoo

Jarboe: Backstabber shirt - design of graphic

James Blackshaw: The Glass Bead Game - Birds of Prey series used for cover and internal art 

Korperschwache: Evil Walks - cover and internal art, pen on paper

album artwork review HERE 

Neurosis: concept art

Red Sparowes: broken bird illustration/logo - posters & merch

cover art for RUIS magazine, April 2010

Storm of Light: dead sparrow illustrations, posters and merch

Barry Sames: original album art

Barry Sames: original cover art, oil on wood panel